Monday, August 29, 2011

QuickBooks: Print Modified Invoices Without Saving Changes

This is one of those situations where a software company can’t win. People complain about the way it works, so you change the program to fix the problem. Then, other people complain about the fix, and wish it worked the old way. Fortunately, Intuit made this an option so you can have it either way. The issue? Being able to make a change to an invoice and print it without saving the change.

Current versions of QuickBooks are set up, by default, to always do an automatic “save” of an invoice (etc.) before you can print it. A few years ago you weren’t forced to do this, you could make a change and print it, but then not save it.

There are many reasons why you would NOT want to allow this….. specifically, employee bad behavior.
• An employee creates a bogus invoice and prints it, but doesn’t record it. Hand the invoice to a customer, who pays in cash. Employee pockets the payment and the company never has a record. Of course, there are SEVERAL problems here (accepting cash like this?), but there are businesses that run this way.
• An employee creates a valid invoice and saves it. Then some changes are made, to either add services or change the rate. The customer pays the altered amount and the employee pockets the difference.

To help protect the companies from this employee bad behavior Intuit changed QuickBooks to make it automatically save before printing.

However, some people complained about it and ask how to get around it. So, for those of you who need the ability to print a modified invoice without saving it, use the following steps:
1. Log in to QuickBooks as the Admin user.
2. Select Edit then Preferences and select the General preference.
3. Select the Company Preferences tab, and un-check the box Save transactions before printing.
4. Click OK to close the window.

QuickBooks will warn you that this isn’t secure, but it will let you make the change.

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