Thursday, September 29, 2011

HEAT – Add a crystal report to the Heat Form

You can add a command button connected to a Report Shortcut, so that you can run a report directly from a Call Logging form with just one click. Report Shortcuts are links to reports (.rpt) shipped with HEAT (Answer Wizard) or created by you. Report Shortcuts makes it easier to run frequently used reports because report settings are already established.

You can only connect Report Shortcuts to command buttons appearing on the Call Log, Detail, Subset, Assignment, and Journals forms. You can do this by either clicking and dragging the Report Shortcut from the Report View panel, or by adding a command button, then associating that button with the desired Report Shortcut.

To Add Report Shortcut to a Form Using the Report View:

  1. Open the form with which you want to work. The Form Editor opens, displaying the form. 
  2. Locate the desired Report Shortcut on the Report View panel. Click the drop-down arrow to filter the report list by audience (View). 
  3. Click and drag the Report Shortcut onto the form. A command button is added to the form. The command button can be resized, if needed.

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