Thursday, September 15, 2011

MSCRM 2011: Using the Shortcut Menu for Views and Records

Suppose you are working with one record type and you want to quickly navigate to another. For example, you are working in the Opportunities grid and you want to do something with Accounts, such as make a change to a record you have just made some other changes to. In CRM 4.0 you would have to do the following:

* Click on Accounts in the left navigation pane and wait for the default view to load.
* Locate the record you need to update. Open its form, make and save the changes and close the form.
* Navigate back to the Opportunities grid and continue working.

In CRM 2011, you can do this all without leaving the Opportunities grid:

* Hover over Accounts on the left navigation pane.
* Click the flyout menu to the right of Accounts.
* Click the recently changed record to open its form, make and save the changes, close it and pick up where you left off back on the Opportunities grid

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