Monday, October 31, 2011

HEAT - connect to external database

External tables, are tables that exist outside the HEAT database and can be used for the purpose of retrieving information. Example: Your Asset Management system may reside in a database other than HEAT. Your Heat Administrator can configure Call Logging to validate detail screens based on information in your asset management system. You may also have a database containing customer information which you need to validate from.

HEAT External tables are intended to help reduce duplication of data across dissimilar back-end systems and allow access to company-wide information from within the HEAT Call Logging module.

Note: External tables are very similar to HEAT tables with two notable exceptions: Fields cannot be added or removed Data cannot be changed from within HEAT – in other words, you can only view the data which resides in the external database.

The Call Logging module can read data directly from any supported data source. The external data is acquired through a real-time ODBC connection, so it is always current and never needs to be synchronized.

External Connections

External connections are HEAT representations of an ODBC data source. External connections are created using the Connection Manager in the HEAT Administrator module. When defining the external connection, the system administrator can determine how users log on to the data source and how the data source is used by the Call Logging module.

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