Monday, October 31, 2011

HEAT - simple search defaults

Simple Search defaults let you create default lists of fields to Simple Search in Call Logging (and also in Web-based Call Logging). The search returns a group (Call Group or Customer Group) of records that meet your criteria. Creating default lists reduces the time and effort spent setting search criteria. For example, if you commonly Simple Search for Call Records logged on the same day, you could add the RecvdDate field to the list to instantly search for Call Records by date. The default lists of fields are presented in the Simple Search submenus on Call Records and Customer Records.

You can designate up to 25 fields to include in each Simple Search default list.

To Set Simple Search Defaults:

  1. In the Administrator Dashboard, click the Simple Searches link in the Set System Defaults section (or, in the Administrator main window, select Defaults>Simple Searches from the menu bar). The Simple Searches dialog box opens.
  2. Click either the Call Ticket tab (to set Simple Search fields for Call Records) or the Customer tab (to set Simple Search fields for Customer Records).
  3. In the Table Name drop-down list, select the table containing the field you want to include in the Simple Search default list. If you select a Compound table (Subset or Detail), you must also select a Table Type (otherwise a default Table Type of System is selected). 
  4. In the Field List, select the field(s) you want to appear in the Simple Search default list, then click Add. The added fields include the table name as a prefix to the field name. Fields are listed this way in the Simple Search submenu.
  5. Click OK

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