Monday, October 31, 2011

HEAT – What is an Edit Set

An Edit Set is a working copy of your database. More specifically, it is a working copy of your table, field, form, and grid definitions. This working copy acts as a snapshot of your system that a system administrator can work on without affecting a live system. This allows you to save and work on your Edit Sets refining them over a long period of time.

Edit Sets utilize their own interface. This interface provides a user-friendly format and several wizards/editors to help you create and modify your system to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Use an Edit Set to:

• Create, edit, and delete tables.

• Create connections to External tables.

• Create, edit, and delete Table Types.

• Create, edit, and delete Views.

• Create, edit, and delete fields

• Define field attributes (size, format, flags, Validation features, etc.).

• Create and design forms.

• Create, edit, and delete grids.

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