Monday, October 24, 2011

QuickBooks: Billed Costs Disappear if you Void, Delete, or Change an Invoice

If you link costs or time to a customer or job, it's very easy to include those amounts when you create an invoice by selecting the add time/costs button, or directly selecting invoice by time and expenses.

However, once the costs have been linked to a saved invoice they're marked as "Billed". Changing the invoice in any way that eliminates any of the billed costs does not return the costs to a "billable" status.

If you void or delete an invoice that contains billed costs, QuickBooks displays a message. Many users misinterpret this message …thinking it means that QuickBooks will take the logical step of removing the Billed status from expenses that were on the invoice and return them to the Billable status that lets you add them to a future invoice.

Here's how to make those expense costs and time charges billable again:

For expenses/costs you linked to a customer or job, choose Reports | Jobs, Time & Mileage | Unbilled Costs by Job. The window that opens doesn't show the costs you want to recover – it may have no listings at all.

For Time charges, choose Reports | Jobs, Time & Mileage | Time by Job Summary. The window that opens displays time charges that are recorded, but doesn't differentiate between billed and unbilled charges.

1. Select the Date range that covers the dates for which costs/time were marked Billable (or select All as the Date range).
2. Choose Modify Report.
3. Move to the Filters tab.
3. Choose the Billing Status filter and change it to Billed.

When you click OK the report window displays all the Billed costs or time charges for the date range you selected. Now you can drill down into each applicable transaction and change the billing status by clicking the Billable field so it is marked with a checkmark.

The costs and/or time charges will be available when you create the next invoice.


kim nawara said...

This is a great and concise breakdown of how to correct this situation! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Saved me today, thank you for the help!

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Anonymous said...

Lets say you billed expenses to a customer, you invoiced the customer for the expenses (time /costs) and unbilled them in the bill / check 'customer job' section but now you want to have the invoices reflect the unbilled expenses. Say we billed the wrong customer for the expenses or didn't want to bill the customer for those expenses but we already invoiced and saved what would be the next step after removing the billed expenses in the bill / check. Even though the customer is not "billed" the invoices still show the original amount that was billed.

KitSens Kloset said...

VOID The invoices after deleting the customer job? To make the invoices automatically $0.00?

Anonymous said...

Thank you; this worked great!