Monday, October 24, 2011

QuickBooks: Turning Off the Online Payment Link in QuickBooks Invoices

While working with a client recently, I noticed the link on the invoice for the Intuit PaymentNetwork. When I asked if she subscribed to the service, she said no, but did not know how to take it off the invoice. It just “sort of showed up”.

Unfortunately, QuickBooks has a tendency to try to force this on the users, and it has been a source of complaint for many. If a client tries to click the link to make payment, and you are not subscribed to the service, they get message reading “Your vendor is not signed up to receive payments." How embarrassing is that!

How to turn it off? The simplest thing to do is to just un-check the show online payment link box in the lower left of your invoice. However, that isn’t a permanent fix. Every new invoice will have that box checked. What you need to do is to change your preference settings.

Select Edit and then Preferences. Select the Payments preference and click on the Company Preferences tab. There are two boxes to make sure that you un-check in the bottom of the screen.

New invoices will not have the links, usually. In some cases, though, the first invoice you create after making this change may still have the box checked. Watch that – uncheck it and future invoices should be OK.

Note that all existing invoices that you have will not be changed – if they were checked before, they will still be checked. So you should keep an eye on this.

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