Monday, November 28, 2011


These defaults allow you to set specifications for how assignments operate in Call Logging (and also in Web-based Call Logging).

To Set Assignment Defaults:

  1. In the Administrator main window, select Defaults>System>Assignment Defaults from the menu bar >> The Assignment Options dialog box opens.
  2. Select the default settings you want for assignments:
  • Require assignments to be resolved before call can be closed - Requires that the call be marked as resolved before the assignment can be closed. 
  • Require an assignment before allowing call to be saved 
  • Only allow one non-resolved assignment at a time 
  • Enforce Acknowledge Required - Requires all acknowledge-required fields to be filled before assignments can be acknowledged. 
  • Enforce Resolve Required - Requires all resolve-required fields to be filled before assignments can be resolved.

    Note: The system administrator determines which fields in the Asgnmnt table are acknowledge-required and resolve-required by setting these flags when creating the fields.
Click OK.

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