Monday, November 14, 2011

MSCRM 2011: Creating an Email Template

If you find yourself drafting the same email over and over again as you work or searching for a sent email to copy and paste text from, in Microsoft Dynamics CRM it’s easy to create an email template to use over and over again to save yourself time when completing your daily tasks. Below are the steps for creating an email template:

* Click on Settings and then Templates in the Business Area of the Navigation Pane. Click on Email Templates.
* Click on New and Select the Template Type. This will determine what entity the email will apply to.
* Add the Title (Name of the Template), Description (Description of what the template is used for), Subject (This is the actual subject line of the email created)
* In the body of the email, you can add merge fields to pull data directly from CRM. To Add a Merge field, Click on Insert/Update, Select the data field values by clicking on ADD and choosing the fields to be included.
* Select the Record type that the field is related to and then the field. You can also add Default Text to be filled if there is no data to be merged:
* Once the template has been saved, you can also add attachments to be sent with the email by clicking on New E-Mail Attachment and selecting your attachment.
* Save and close and the template it is now ready to be used.

You can now use the template and send an email directly from a record in CRM.
To use a Template:

* Open a Contact Record, in the Add tab, Choose Email.
* In the email, choose Include/Insert Template and select the template.

The merge fields will be automatically filled in and you are now ready to send the email without having to recreate the same one each time.

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