Monday, December 12, 2011

GoldMine : Dealing with your Tabs

We recently did a fairly large upgrade for a client from GoldMine 6.7 to 9.0, and I was reminded of how much I struggled with the new "tabbed" interface. Here are a few things I learned while getting acclimated to the "new style".

- I use a lot of GoldMine e-mail, and usually end up with a ton of E-mail tabs. Selecting Window | Close all will close all Tabs except the Current Contact Record.

- You can switch between the Tabbed Interface and the "Old Style" by clicking on the little tab with four boxes (upper left hand area of GoldMine). To re-enable the Tabbed interface, simply maximize any GoldMine "child" window.

To be honest, I learned to love my GoldMine tabs; it just takes awhile.

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