Monday, January 30, 2012

GoldMine : Setting Tabstop Order

I am a big fan of keyboard shortcuts; take for instance the TAB key. When editing a field on the Current Contact Record in GoldMine, you can hit TAB to cycle through the other fields. But you'll probably notice, depending on how much customization you've done so far, that the order might be a little screwy.

To set the field order, simply bring up the properties of any field on the Contact Record.

1. Enter Screen Design mode by right-clicking on the Contact Record and selecting "Screen Design".
2. Double-click the field you wish to modify.
3. Select the "Layout" tab.
4. Change the "Position" number on the lower right hand side to reflect where the field should appear in your TAB cycle.

To Make it Easier: Do a print screen of your GoldMine Contact Record, and print it out using Microsoft Paint or something similar. Then mark each field on the paper with their corresponding order numbers. Only THEN go ahead and edit the TAB stops in GoldMine. The reason being is that it can be easy to get "lost" when working without a map. Try it!