Wednesday, January 11, 2012

GoldMine : Storing Dates in GoldMine

This actually came up with a client today, when trying to run a Crystal Report on some date values they had been tracking in GoldMine. Most users like to track, say, a birthdate, or perhaps a Contract Signed date.

The important thing to know here is that when we need to report on these dates in the future, they will need to be Data Type Date. You may be tempted to simply use one of the default fields in GoldMine (the "Key" fields are notorious for this) and easily start inputting your dates (i.e. 01/01/2012, 04/20/92, etc.).

A better way to do it is to create a new field specifically meant to track the date.

Note: You MUST have exclusive rights to the database and a Master user account in GoldMine to do this.

1. On the Fields tab of your GoldMine, right click and select "New Field"
2. Click the "New Field" button
3. Give your new field a name (must start with the letter "U") like UCONTRACT
4. Give your new field a description, like "Contract Signed Date"
5. Select Field Type : Date
6. Hit OK.
7. You will now see your new field on the Contact Record. Move it to where you want it.
8. Click away from your new field. Hit OK in the "Field Properties" window.
9. You'll be warned that the Database needs to be rebuilt. Click Yes.
10. After GoldMine is done rebuilding, log back in.

Your new Date field should now be "open" and accepting data. You'll notice that when you bring up the picklist for this new field, it's a Calendar Control, allow the end user to easliy and consistently input date values.

And because it's being tracked as a Date Type, it's easy to (down the road) report on say, all contracts signed in 2011, etc. You'll love yourself later.

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