Monday, January 30, 2012

GoldMine : Viewing Filters in the Search Center

Did you know that you can view and Activate Filters from within the Search Center?

1. Open the GoldMine Search Center by clicking on the "Search" toolbar button.

2. Click on the Filters/Groups button at the top of the Search Center.

3. You'll notice that a Filters/Groups pane has opened itself up within the Search Center. Open up either the Filters or Groups tree and select the Filter/Group you wish to Activate.

4. GoldMine will prompt you to apply a Limit on the currently selected Filter/Group. You can simply click "No.". (What that actually does is bring you to the Optimize tab of the selected Filter/Group.

5. You'll see that your selected Filter/Group is now displayed as Search Results.

This is handy as you can take advantage of the Column format of the Search Center (the Preview portion in the Filters window only shows Contact and Company name).

NOTE: The last selected Filter/Group will be "Active" for the Search Center until you Close and ReOpen the Search Center.

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