Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MSCRM 2011: Creating Marketing Campaigns

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 allows you to track marketing program information on a Campaign record. You can track the offer, type, schedule, and financial information about the campaign. For instance, you might have a campaign that coordinates the advertising activities planned for the launch of a new product.
The following fields are tracked on campaigns and campaign templates:

* Name: This field contains the title of the campaign.
* Status Reason: This denotes the status of the campaign for reporting purposes. The default statuses are Proposed, Ready to Launch, Launched, Completed, Canceled and Suspended.
* Campaign Code: This can be either a user-entered or system-generated code for the campaign.
* Campaign Type: This provides a category for the campaign, such as Advertisement, Direct Marketing, Event or Co-branding. This field is useful in reporting.
* Expected Response: This allows you to record the expected response for a campaign as a percentage from 0 to 100.
* Total Cost of Campaign Activities: In this field, Microsoft Dynamics CRM automatically totals the cost of all campaign activities.
* Miscellaneous Costs: This field records miscellaneous costs associated with the campaign.
* Total Cost of Campaign: This field contains the sum of the total cost of campaign activities and miscellaneous costs.

Create a Campaign through the following steps:
1. On the site map, click Marketing and then click Campaigns.
2. On the Campaigns tab, in the Records group, click New.
3. In the General section of the form, enter the appropriate information. The most important fields include:

* Name: This is a required field.
* Currency: If you intend to associate a price list with the campaign you must select the same currency that is specified in the price list.
* Status Reason: Click on the stage that the campaign is in the
* Campaign Type: Select the campaign type in the drop-down.
* Price List: If you select a price list, any opportunities arising from this campaign will automatically get the same price list.
* Offer: Enter a description of the actual offer you are contacting
customers about.
* Proposed Begin Date, Proposed End Date
* Actual Begin Date, Actual End Date

4. In the Financials section of the form, enter the appropriate
information and observe any noted restrictions or requirements as

* Budget Allocated
* Expected Revenue
* Miscellaneous Costs: Enter the total for any known costs of the
campaign that are not entered in the actual campaign activity

5. In the Notes section of the form, enter any information that might be
helpful to users who will view this campaign.
6. On the Campaign tab, in the Save group, click Save & Close.

* You are now able to add Planning Activities and Campaign Activities. You can also add a Marketing List at this time.

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