Monday, January 30, 2012

QuickBooks: Two Instances of One Bank Account

I am a bookkeeper for a small business and created a bank account in QuickBooks and entered some Journal Entries with owner's contribution, his reimbursable expenses etc.. Unfortunately, it seems the owner decided to continue working on the data file and set up the bank account in QuickBooks to connect to his bank account on line so he can download the transactions. Now there are two of the same bank accounts in QuickBooks. How do I move the 'entries' I created into the account that is mapped to the bank online so that everything is in one place?

You can merge the two bank accounts. However, if the owner has downloaded transactions into QuickBooks, there could be duplicate data. When you reconcile the bank account, you will be able to delete the duplicate entries, if appropriate.

Note that in order to merge, you may need to unlink Online Banking before you merge and then re-set it up.


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