Friday, February 10, 2012

GoldMine : Customizing Tabs for all Users

One of the nicest things about the Contact Record tab "strip" (The Summary, Pending, History tabs, etc) is the ability to re-order the Tabs themselves. With the newer version of GoldMine, this gets even better with the ability to re-order the Tabs for all users.

To do this;

1. Select Tools | Options from the top level menu

2. Click on the Record tab

3. Click on "Tabs"

4. Use Up and Down buttons to re-order the tabs just how you want them

5. You may also check or uncheck each Tab to control it's viewable property

6. To apply the changes to All Users, click the box labeled "Customize Globally"

7. Ok your way out

You will need to relogin to GoldMine to apply any changes. Happy customizing!

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