Friday, February 10, 2012

GoldMine : Using Events

Events are a kind of special Scheduled Activity in GoldMine. They behave differently than "normal" Scheduled Items in the sense that:

- Event durations are measured in Days, not Hours
- On the calendar, Events only show on the Monthly Tab

To schedule an Event;

1. Select Schedule | Event from the top level menu

2. When scheduling your Event, notice that the Duration only accepts number of Days

3. Plug in the rest of your Scheduled item information as usual

4. Ok your way out

Once the Event is scheduled, it appears in the Pending Tab of the associated Contact, and it's Alarm (if enabled), will act like all other Alarms. The biggest difference is that on the graphical Calendar (Go To | Calendar), it will only appear on the Month tab. Give it a try!

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