Tuesday, February 28, 2012

QuickBooks: Vendor Refund – QuickTip

Help Please: I had a client who wanted to record a credit for some material they purchased and paid for on a debit card. They couldn't figure out how to adjust both the General Ledger and also have it reflected in their job costing. Is there a quick easy method that works?

1. In the “Enter Bills” – create a vendor CREDIT. Rather than using the expense line – use Items and the Customer(s)

2. Generate a Deposit, using the Deposit form. In the From Field put the Vendor Name, In the account field put Accounts Payable.

3. Go to Pay Bills. Click on the Vendor Deposit which will show there.
§ Set Credits in the lower half of the screen will show an amount (the same amount as the Deposit if there are no other credits)
§ Click on Set Credits and select the credit you generated in step 1.

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