Friday, March 2, 2012

Automate HSS Login

A client asked: Is there a way to automatically enable an HSS login for a new employee instead of going into their Profile and adding the information?

There are many ways to enable a login for HEAT Self Service (HSS). One way is to run an SQL script that will do the work for you. Another way is to use the tools offered in Call Logging and BPAM.

Before discussing automatically creating a HSS login, I will review the manual method:

* From a profile record, click on View > Customer Login Information
* Click Enable Login and give that user the same CustID for a login. 
* A corresponding record is created inside a table called HEAT CAI
* A few fields are filled in and HEAT maintains the link

To have HEAT create an HSS login automatically, do the following:

* Create an AutoTask that will use the Create Customer Login action. 
* The autotask will run whenever a specific profile record is targeted. 
* Create a BPAM rule using When a Customer Profile is Created template
* Have the rule run the AutoTask.

Now when a profile is created, BPAM will automatically enable a login for that user.


Unknown said...

can this be done if your are using unified login so that windows authentication will work too? I tried creating the rule but the hss create login fails.

Anonymous said...

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