Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GoldMine : Spell Checking your History Items

Did you know that you can spell-check the text in any Completed or Pending item? For most of us, this may sound a little excessive. After all, those notes are typically never seen by the client.

But more and more we are starting to see organizations using GoldMine history to bill service time. That is, the History notes actually appear on an invoice (usually taking the form of a Crystal Report), and as such need to be polished a little.

So, when you're completing a History item, you can click the Spell Check icon found on the top "strip" of the Notes field. Alternatively, you can right-click within the Notes field and select "Spell Check".

Pro Tip : If you don't see a Spell Check icon (an "abc" with a checkmark next to it), you may not have HTML text enabled. To change this you will need administrative access to GoldMine and should consult your partner of record.

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