Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GoldMine : Triggering History on Field Changes

Here is an oldy but a goody; you can trigger history items to be completed when a field is changed. This can be important in environments where you still need people to be allowed to update the field, but need to keep an "audit" trail of the past values.

To set this up for a field;

1. Log into GoldMine as MASTER or equivalent

2. Right-click on the field in question. Not the field value, the field label itself.

3. Select Properties, the click on the Security Tab

4. Check the box labeled "Log changes in History"

5. Ok your way out

Now, every time your field is updated you'll get a history automatically generated which references the past value and editing username. Give it a try! Some people become afraid of storing "important" information in GoldMine as anyone can touch it. This can help give a feeling of security in that you'll never truly "lose" anything.

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