Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GoldMine : Using the SQL Builder

Did you know that GoldMine comes with it's own SQL Wizard? For anyone out there who has used SQL queries, this can be huge. SQL is fast and supremely extensible, meaning that it can "look" at any number or combination of tables. You can also incidentally create GoldMine groups on the output of a SQL Query, which allows you to access any and all GoldMine functionality.

To do this:

1. Select Tools | SQL Query from the top level menu

2. On the upper right hand side, click the button labaled "Build..."

3. For our example we will use a simply City query. Leave the "Category" drop down list alone and click Next.

4. The next window is where to specify your criteria. Do so by checking the box labeled "Contact with Field Based Conditions"

5. Here is where the magic really happens; where you specify what records you'd like to see. Click the "New" button.

6. Using "Field Condition" window, add your criteria by selecting a Field (City), Operator (Equal To) and Value (in my case, my home town, Baldwinsville)

7. Hit ok twice to be returned to the SQL Wizard. You can now click through the end of the Wizard by hitting "Next".

What you should end up with is this:


You can run your new query by Clicking on the "Query" button. Don't forget to save your new query as well. Try playing around with a few of the options, also try adding more criteria in the Field Conditions list. For example, use both City and State perhaps.

Pro Tip: You can manually edit the query easily by typing in a different value for City (or whatever field may be in use). Don't forget to save it!

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