Thursday, March 29, 2012

HEAT - Print by Call Group

You can print each Call Record within the current Call Group.
  1. while in the Call Group you want to print, select File>Print>Group. The Print Group ‐ Work Group dialog box opens.
  2. Select a print quality from the Print Quality drop‐down list.
  3. In the Copies field, select the number of copies to print.
  4. Select Collate Copies to collate multiple pages (if available).
  5. Click Setup to change the printer settings. The typical Windows Print Setup dialog box opens.
    • Select a printer.
    • Set its properties.
    • Select the paper size.
    • Select Source in the Size and Source area.
    • Select either Portrait or Landscape in the Orientation area.
  6. Click OK.
  7. In the Sections to Print section of the Print Call Ticket dialog box, select all options that apply.
  8. In the Section Spacing section, select the spacing scale for the Call Ticket print out.
  9. In the Header Info section, select all options that apply.
  10. Click OK.

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