Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MSCRM 2011: Using Charts

One of the great new features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is the capability to design Charts and include them in your Dashboards. With the help of the Charts we can graphically represent the Organization data. We can create System Charts and User Charts.The System Charts can be viewed by the All users of the Organization and the User Charts can only be viewed by those whom the Chart is Assigned to or Shared with.
With Charts, users can:
*Graphically represent data
* Drill into the data and save results
* Add charts to dashboards.
* View aggregate or grouped data from views in charts, such as the total amount of open invoices or total estimated revenue from all Open Opportunities.

The following types of charts can be created:
Column, Bar, Line, Pie and Funnel

There are more than 50 charts available out of the box. Charts are available for most entities. You can access the system charts from the entity node of the Customization section of the software.

To create a chart, specify fields to be displayed on the category and series axes. Normally, the category axis displays data from numeric or non-numeric fields. The series axis displays data from numeric fields.

With Rollup 5, we now have the ability to create either a multi-series or multi-category chart directly in CRM. Let’s say we want to see exactly how our estimated revenue compared to actual revenue for 2011.

* Go to Sales, Opportunities and access the Charts ribbon:
* Click “New Chart”, which will bring up the Chart Designer tool and assign a name – Actual vs. Estimated Revenue.
* Select the Actual Revenue field under Legend Entries (Series). And choose Sum and Bar Chart.
* Add another Series – select Estimated Revenue under Legend Entries (Series). And again choose Sum and Bar Chart.
* Select Owner for the Horizontal Axis.
* Click Save.

This chart is now available as your Personal chart. You may share it with other users if you would like.

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