Friday, March 2, 2012

Recover From An Edit Set Crash

A client asked: We had a crash during the commit of an edit set. How do we clear the error message?

When an edit set crashes, performing a LoadDB from your backup may not work because a data flag inside a system table of HEAT is blocking you from loading. It's there to block others from logging into HEAT until the commit is finished. 

However, when a commit crashes and the flag data is still inside the field, this field must be cleared if you want to reload your .haf file or open Call Logging to get back to normal. 

To clear it, have a database administrator go to the HEATDB table and find the field DBStatus and clear its contents. It should have the same wording as the error message:

"Building Commit files - started at 07:07:07 by Admin"

Once this message is cleared from DBStatus, it's okay to reload your .haf file.