Friday, March 2, 2012

Using Counters For Customer IDs

A client asked: What is a counter used for in HEAT?

A counter is a function in HEAT that provides you with a way to generate a specific unique number that can never be reused. For example, you may want to generate a specific asset tag or new Customer IDs. You can set up a counter to start at any number and then whenever a HEAT user generates another number the counter provides the next available number

To define a counter, follow these steps:

Start the Administrator > Click on Defaults > Counter Setup.
Click Add and a new window appears.
Give the counter a Name, a starting Value and select the Increment.
The increment can be 1, 2, or any number.

If you would like to have the counter reset itself, check the box next to "Should the counter automatically reset itself?" and then select How Often and enter the Initial value after reset.

Now set up an AutoTask using an Update Call action that will call the counter and write to any field that supports the size and type of the counter value. Right-click on the field, Insert Counter, then choose the Counter you created.

This can work for almost anything including generating new Customer IDs in the Profile table.

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