Monday, April 2, 2012

Amazing FREE Tool for Client Support, Online Demos and More

As the many and varied solutions on shows, there is a hotbed of innovation occuring across the online and SaaS universe. While oftentimes innovation comes form a startup with a new vision, established companies also have their share of eureka moments.

Among them is LogMeIn, a leader in the remote desktop access and support space, which has been around for four or five years. LogMeIn free versions have enabled individuals across the land to access servers and desktops from anywhere (including smartphones) for free. That is worth repeating---for free. The company makes money on its higher-end Pro and Rescue versions. LogMeIn Rescue, while a little pricey for the occasional support guy, is priceless for any tech support organization.

I had thought that LogMeIn and LogMeIn Rescue were enough, but they pushed the envelope even further a year ago by providing web conferencing support via their free app called Taking advantage of the fun domain registries in Montenegro, they put out an amazing product that is amazingly easy to use---and again, for free.

The app is optimized for the iPhone and iPad, as well as PCs and Macs, and lets users of those devices chat and share what's on their screens. Up to 250 viewers can join a session at a time.

The hardest part is getting to the website, but they have made that easier by redirecting to the URL. A simple screen prompting to Join or Share is all you need. One person shares, one or more will join to watch, and there's even the ability to take control or pass control, which makes remote desktop support even easier.

I personally use this little web application several times a week for either an online demo or to support my clients. Are there some limitations? Sure there are. You can't copy and paste, certain key strokes aren't captured, and file transfer isn't there. However, since it's free, can't we overlook those little things? If not, there's a pay version where file transfer and other features are enabled at a pretty reasonable cost.

Through innovations like these, LogMeIn should keep the other remote supoort players on their toes and hopefully keep more innovation coming. Isn't that what better business is all about?

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