Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Crystal Reports : Dealing with Dates as Plaintext

It is often that you might see date values being stored in plaintext. That is, in a String data type (opposed to Date or DateTime). Now, let's imagine we are trying to perform some date math on a field. Something simple, like calculating the number of days that have passed.

Let us assume our data field {CONTACT1.KEY4} is actually a String field, and we see a mix and match of formats, like so;


January 1st, 12

Jan 1 12

Jan 1st 2012 on and so forth. Our first task is to convert the actual incoming field data into a Date Type so we can easily perform our math. Because all we really want to do is create a formula where we can use the following expression; CURRENTDATE - {CONTACT1.KEY4}.

To convert our {CONTACT1.KEY4} to a Date Type, create a new formula and use the following code:


..which just tried to convert our plaintext date to an actual Date value. But if you're working with a mix and match of date formats, you may get the following error:

Bad Date Format String

...and this will prevent the report from running at all. What is actually happening is that values like '01/01/2012' and 'Jan 1 2012' are "valid", while values like 'Jan 1 12' are not. So, we now need to do some testing within our formula, like so;


When we use the ISDATE() function, we are testing to see if Crystal thinks the input is a "valid date". And only if this is TRUE do we continue on and actually convert our date value. So now we should be able to run our report without interruption. For the "bad" date values, our formula will return blanks.

ProTip: If you need to clean up the underlying database before your report can be useful, you could always add ISDATE({CONTACT1.KEY4}) = FALSE to your Select Expert to run a list of all "bad" date values.

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