Wednesday, April 18, 2012

GoldMine : Adding Labels to your Field Tab

Let's face it, we all want and use as many userdefined fields as we can get our hands on. But sometimes it might become unclear (over time) as to what fields are actually storing. To make userderfined fields a little more descriptive, some users will add Labels to their Fields Tab.

You will need to be logged in as the MASTER user or equivalent. In our example we will be adding a simple "My Userdefined Fields" label to your Fields Tab.

1. Enter Screen Design mode by right-clicking within your Fields Tab and selecting "New Field"

2. In the "Place Field" dialog window, drop down the "Field" list and select "-- dBase Expression --" (should be at the very top of the list). Hit Ok.

3. Move the field where you want it with your mouse. Userdefined fields or expressions can appear anywhere in the fields tab or the top half of the contact record.

4. Now, double click on your new field to bring up the Field Properties.

5. Click the "More Options" button.

6. Select "Expression" from underneath the "Field Data" portion on the bottom half of the window.

7. In the "Expression" text box, enter in (including quotes) "===[ My User Defined Fields ]===". Hit ok.

8. Now select the "Layout" tab of your Field Properties window.

9. Enter in 0 for "Field Label Size", and increase the "Field Data Size" until you can see all of the text your typed into the Expression.

10. Hit ok.

Note : I use characters around my descriptions to make them stand out as labels. There is no requirement to use the "===[ ]===" portion of the example. Also, the limit on the Expression text is fairly large, so there's nothing wrong with making Labels like "Use these fields for Cold Calling", or "All these fields are required".

Try it!


Bill said...

So I went ahead and did as suggested. It was just a test so how do I now delete it?

Justin Hill said...

Glad you decided to try it! To delete your test label, simply enter Screen Design mode by right-clicking anywhere in the Fields Tab. Then, single click your label to select it. Then, simply hit the Delete key. I remember this took me awhile to figure out the first time.

Bill said...

oh simple.....:)
Thanks Justin,

maymay said...

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