Friday, April 27, 2012


When someone is working in a Call Record, it is automatically locked. It remains locked until the record is saved, closed, or changes are abandoned. You cannot unlock a call that is locked by another user. If you attempt to modify a call locked by another user a warning dialog box opens.

During a typical workday, the Call Logging process may see a heavy volume of activity, and calls lock and unlock continuously. Click the Refresh Group button to ensure the most recent information is displayed.

To Lock or Unlock a Call Record:

  • Click the Lock button located on the main toolbar. The button turns from an unlocked to a locked padlock.  
  • Click again to revert back to the unlocked status or select File > Unlock Call Record or File > Unlock All My Calls.

View Locked Call Records
You must be granted the appropriate security rights by your HEAT administrator in order to view this list.
To View Locked Calls:
  • Select Accessory > Locked Calls. The Locked Calls dialog box opens.
  • You can choose to view calls locked by all users or by individual trackers; select the desired option from the Tracker drop-down list.


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Click the Lock button located on the main toolbar. The button turns from an unlocked to a locked padlock.

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