Friday, April 27, 2012


If you need to make only minor changes to your system, you can use Quick Customize. The Quick Customize mode is a unique Edit Set feature that allows you to make simple changes without creating and committing an entire Edit Set. Minor changes include modifying forms, grids, and Views, and changing certain field attributes. Quick Customize cannot be used to create tables or fields. Because the Quick Customize mode cannot be used to change the underlying structure of your system, users do not need to be logged out in order to apply the changes. The Quick Customize dialog box uses the same basic interface as a regular Edit Set with a few exceptions: table and field creation tools are unavailable.

IMPORTANT: Committing changes using the Quick Customize mode increments the version field in the HEATDb table just as an Edit Set would do. As a result, any Edit Set created before the Quick Customize changes contains an earlier version number and is not committed.

Quick Customize provides the following advantages:

  • Speed in implementing changes. 
  • Ability of users to remain logged on.

Users do not see changes until they next log on to HEAT.

With Quick Customize you cannot:

  • Create tables (including Table Types, Table Views, and connections to External tables) 
  • Create fields  
  • Edit the name, type, or size of existing fields

With Quick Customize you can:

  • Edit Forms
  • Edit grids 
  • Change most field attributes (such as default values, Validation, and flags)

When you are satisfied with your Quick Customize changes, you can apply them with a single click. Because users do not need to be logged off of HEAT in order to apply the changes to the database, users can only view the changes once they log off and on again.

Note: Like an Edit Set, HEAT allows you to test the integrity of your Quick Customize changes before you apply them to your live system. This process is called Verify Quick Changes.

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