Monday, April 16, 2012

MSCRM 2011: Creating a Report with the Report Wizard

A Client Recently Asked: “How can I create a simple report in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011?”

To create a new report using the report wizard, generally the following steps need to be performed:

* Navigate to Workplace
* In the Navigation Pane, click Reports.
* Click New.
* In the Report: New window, click Report Wizard.
* On the Report Properties page, enter a Name and select a Primary Record Type and, (optionally) a related record type.
* Define the filter to specify to the report processing exactly what data you want to leverage in the report. This is referred to as the Report Filtering Criteria.
* Define the report layout (identify, order and sort the columns you want to display) and group the data accordingly.
* You may also find it necessary to create aggregations within your report. For example: Average, Sum, Count.
* Define the format: Table Only, Chart and Table, or Chart Only. It is important to note that if you are selecting to display a chart, there are additional steps required to configure it.
* Run the report to validate the results.
* Make it available to the organization.

Now that the general procedures have been outlined, we will create a report using the Report Wizard. In this scenario, we are going to create a report that provides a summary of the activities by owner for a specified period of time.

* Within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, navigate to the Workplace>>>Reports>>>New.
* On the Report Properties window, click Report Wizard.
* On the Getting Started window select Start a New Report. Click Next.
* On the Report Properties window, enter "Activities by Owner - Custom" into the Report Name field and select "Activities” for the Primary Record Type and “Activity Parties” for the Related Record Type. Click Next.
* On the Select Records to Include in the Report window, click Clear to clear the default filter. Dropdown on the Select field and add the filter: Date Created “Last X months” and enter 6 for the value. Dropdown on the second select field and select Activity Type “Equal” to Phone Call, Appointment, Letter and Task. Click Next.
* On the Lay Out Fields window, you can add columns by clicking Click Here to Add a Column and add groups by clicking Click Here to Add a Grouping. In this example we’ll add Grouping first by “Date Created, Month” and then “Owner” as the second grouping.
* Add the following columns (Date Created, Activity Type, Created By, Subject, Regarding, Activity Status, Description, Due date and Actual End.)
* Once added, click Next.
* On the Format Report window, click Next. It is important to note that because there are no aggregations on any numerical values, the Charts and Tables are disabled.
* Click Next, click Next again, and finally click Finish.
* Once the wizard returns to the Report Property window, preview the report by clicking Run Report.

You now have a report that provides a summary of the activities by owner for a specified period of time and is available for Export.


Anonymous said...

seems like a coppy/paste from the help file. where's the 'tip'?

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