Monday, April 16, 2012

MSCRM 2011: Making Fields Searchable in an Entity

A Client recently asked, “How do I search by a custom field in an entity and have records returned in the view?” Not all fields in CRM are searchable by default. To make a field searchable you need to add it as a 'find column' to the entity's Quick Find View.

Let’s go through an example of this. Suppose there is a custom field on the Account entity to designate the Account Representative responsible for the Account. We’d like to be able to search on that Account Representative field to find all those Accounts where a particular representative appears.

When you enter that value into the Account search box and press enter I get the message that nothing is found. Why?

The reason that nothing is found is that the Account Representative field is not searchable by default. To make it searchable go to the Customize Entity option on the navigation ribbon. This will launch the customization screen where you can then choose the 'Views' option under the Account entity.

Open the view whose type is 'Quick Find View' and select the 'Add Find Columns' option.

Put a check mark next to the Account Representative field so you can now search on it.

Add the field to the Quick Find View also by choosing ‘Add View Columns’ option and put a check mark next to the Account Representative field.

Publish your Customizations. You can now search on that field.


nandan said...

Will i be able to search based on the content in the field
Scenario: I have a text field where my value is(.net,c#,Java).Now i need to search even i give Java.But with current solution i ll be able to search only if i give text which is starting ie(.net) i wnt find that record if i give c# which is in middle.

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סיון said...

What shouls i do if it's not working?

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