Friday, May 11, 2012

GoldMine : Using User Groups

Did you know that you can create User Groups in GoldMine? This makes it easy when scheduling items for multiple people, or defining Field Security for groups of users.

To set up your Groups;

1. Log into GoldMine as MASTER or equivalent.

2. Select Tools | User Groups from the top level menu.

3. To create a new group, click the "New" button. Give the Group a short but friendly name, like "Admin" or "Sales", hit Ok.

4. To add users to the newly created Group, select the Group from the left hand side, then click "Members Setup".

5. Simply add members to your Group by double-clicking them from the left-hand side. You will see them move to the right-hand side, identifying them as part of the Group.

6. When finished, Ok your way out.

Pro Tips : Some uses of Groups you may not have thought of; create a empty Group to provide another category for your Filters or Contact Groups. Be creative; don't be afraid to create the occasional User Group or User to accommodate organizational problems.  


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