Friday, May 11, 2012

MSCRM 2011: Automatically filling the Name Field of a Custom Entity through Javascript.

When you create a custom entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the "Name" field of the entity is a required field. If this field serves no useful purpose for your system, it could just be an extra field that needs to be populated in order to save a new record. This field can be set to be not required BUT it cannot be taken off the form therefore it would be a benefit to auto populate it through Java Script.

You could easily auto populate that field with a static value; however, since this field shows up (and is required) in many of the system views and well as the Lookup field on related forms, this is probably not the best option. A better option might be to have some javascript automatically populate it with some information from the record that is relevant. In this example we will populate the name field with the name of an Account chosen from a Lookup field and the current Date/Time that the new record was created/modified. This will make the Name field useful while satisfying CRM's requirement for wanting the field populated with some value.

Below find the instructions for populating the name field in a custom entity “Daily Bookings” with an Account chosen from a Lookup field and the current date then concatenated to that value:

* Task 1 – Create a new JavaScript Library
* Go to Settings, Customizations, Customize the System.
* Click New from the toolbar and select Web Resource from the list.
* Enter the following Information in the New Web Resource Dialog:
* Name= “SetName”
* Display Name= “Set Name”
* Type= “Script (Jscript)”
* Click the Text Editor button
* Paste the following script in to the source dialog.

function SetName(){
var lookupField = Xrm.Page.getAttribute("new_accountid");

// Retrieve the Current Date

var Now = new Date();

// Convert the Date to a String

 var StringNow = Now.toString();

// Set the Name         

Xrm.Page.getAttribute("new_name").setValue(lookupField.getValue()[0].name + "-" + StringNow);

* Click OK
* Click Save and Close

* Task 2 - Attach JScript function to onLoad event handler
* Next we need to setup the event handlers on the Daily Bookings form.
* Click on the Entities.
* Select Daily Bookings in the entity list and then click OK.
* When the Daily Bookings appears in the list of available entities in your solution, expand the Daily Bookings node and then expand the Forms node.
* In the forms grid, double-click Information form type Main
* Now that you are in the form editor we need to attach the event handler to the Form onLoad event.
* Click Form Properties in the ribbon to bring up the dialog.
* Click the Form Libraries Add button.
* In the lookup dialog select the “Set Name” web resource and Click OK
* In the Event Handler section Click Add.
* In the Handler Properties dialog do the following: Function = ” SetName”, Check Enabled, Check Pass execution context as first parameter
* Click OK, to close the Handler Properties dialog
* Click OK, to close the Form Properties dialog

* Task 3 - Publish changes and see the results
* While still in the Customizations, Click Publish All Customizations in the top toolbar of the Solution Explorer.
* Close the Solutions explorer

Now when a Daily Bookings entity is created or modified, the name field will be auto-populated.


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You can also just make it read only and hide it and problem is solved.

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