Friday, May 11, 2012

MSCRM 2011: Mapping fields from Lead to Contact and Account Entities when Lead is Qualified and Converted.

A client recently asked “How can we map additional/custom fields from a Lead to a Contact or an Account when a Lead is converted?”

Leads in Microsoft Dynamics CRM represent potential customers that can be qualified or disqualified based on criteria set by your organization. After you work with a lead record and determine whether or not the potential customer fits your lead qualification criteria, you convert the lead. When you convert the lead, you specify whether or not the lead is qualified or disqualified.

When you qualify the lead, you can create one or more of the following record types: Account, Contact, or Opportunity.
Your business process should indicate which of the records to create. For example, if your organization sells to businesses, you will probably want to create both an account and a contact. If your organization sells to individual consumers, you might not want to create an account. Likewise, you might not always want to create an opportunity when you qualify a lead. You might determine that a lead fits your qualification criteria but that an immediate sales opportunity does not exist.

When you qualify a lead, you can select a check box to open the newly created records, which will open the new account, contact, or opportunity records created during the lead conversion process so that you can work with them right away, saving yourself a few clicks.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM will populate data fields in the account, contact, and opportunity records you create from a qualified lead, based on the mapped data fields. For example, the website and phone number fields are automatically mapped. If there are custom fields that are created on the Lead and Contact/Account/Opportunity, you can map these fields when the relationship between the Lead and those entities is created when the lead is converted. For example, suppose you keep track (via a picklist) on what service a lead is interested in and you would like to also have that information on the Account record. The custom picklist field for “preferred service” would need to be created on the Lead and the Account entities. Below are the detailed instructions for mapping that custom field from a Lead to an Account when a Lead is converted:

* Go to Settings on the Sitemap

* Click Customization

* Click Customize the System

* Click on Entities.

* Double-click on Lead.

* Click 1:N Relationships in the left navigation

* Double-Click on the row – contact_originating_lead with the Primary entity value showing Lead and the related entity value showing Contact.

* Click Mappings in the left navigation pane.

* Click New.

*Select the “Preferred Service” field in the Lead Source Entity Attributes list on the left and the corresponding “Preferred Service” field in the Account Target Entity Attributes list on the right.

*Click OK.

The mapping will now automatically be complete when a Lead is converted and an Account is created. The same process can be performed to map fields from the Lead to a Contact and Opportunity.


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contact_originating_lead is to create mapping b/w for lead to contact right ? but you were explaining about lead to Account but have used that row instead

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