Monday, June 4, 2012

GoldMine : Linking a Folder to a Contact Record

Did you know that you can link a Windows Folder to a Contact Record in the Links Tab? I find this to be very handy in my line of work, where each client/project will have a specific folder with "working files". I don't exactly want or need to link each work file to the record, but I do want to make it easy to find those files right from GoldMine.

The easiest way to create a link to a folder is to simply drag and drop the folder in question from windows explorer directly to the Links tab in GoldMine. Then, you simply fill in a name for the link and hit Ok.

You'll notice that if you try to create the Link by right-clicking and selecting "New", it will only let you browse for a file, not a folder. Therefore, it is necessary to either drag the folder into the Tab from Windows, or select a file in the folder, then edit the link afterwards.

Try it!

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