Friday, June 8, 2012

MSCRM 2011: Showing Blocks of hard-coded text on forms

A client recently asked if they could have a block of disclaimer text on the Contact form at the top with a yellow background so that it would stand out on the form.

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 you can add HTML web resources to forms and then you can use these to add text blocks wherever you choose on an entity form.

Task 1 - Add an HTML web resource and add your required text block.

* Go to Settings, Customizations, Customize the System.

* Scroll down to Web Resources, Click New from the toolbar.

* Enter the following Information in the New Web Resource Dialog:

* Name= “AddDisclaimerTextToContact”

* Display Name= “Add Disclaimer Text To Contact”

* Language = “English”

* Type = “Web Page (HTML)”

* Click the  Text Editor button

* Type text you wish to display in the Rich Text tab.

* Switch over to the Source tab and change the background color if so desired.

* Click OK

* Click Save.

* Click Publish

* Click Save and Close

Task 2 - Add the HTML web resource to your form in the desired section by customizing the form and choosing to Insert the Web Resource created above.

In the Format tab, ensure the border is not displayed and scrolling is set to ‘Never’.

Task 3 - Publish all the customizations

The message will now be displayed on the form.