Monday, June 25, 2012

QuickBooks: 2012 New Feature

If you haven’t played with all the new features in 2012 you may want to take some time to do so.
Found on the Company menu, the Lead Center tracks data about your sales prospects in one place inside QuickBooks. The Lead Center has 3 panes:
  • Use the Leads pane on the left to view and sort your leads.
  • Use the Lead Information pane on the right to review or edit information about a selected lead.
  • Use the Tabs at the bottom of the window to access lists and notes for individual leads.
Some of the things that you can do are:
  • Add or edit leads.
  • Import multiple leads
  • Sort and search leads
This feature also allows you to add action items to the To Do List and create notes about your prospective customers.  You can access the items you put on the To Do List from other areas of QuickBooks, like the QuickBooks Calendar.
Once you convert the prospect to a customer you just need to select the lead and click the convert to Customer button and this will move your lead to the customer center. 

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