Monday, June 25, 2012

QuickBooks: Miscoded Transactions

I started working for a new client recently and the prior support person was not attentive to details and there are multiple transactions (six months worth) that have been miscoded.  I know that I can go in and change them one at a time but that would take me forever.  Is there a way that I can do this quicker?

Yes, there is a quicker way to do this.  You can do the following
  • Reports menu
  • Custom reports
  • Transaction Detail
  • Customize the report using this fiscal year for the date range and sort using name
Now you will be able to determine the vendor/name and the expense used which will give you the idea of what is incorrect by vendor and the specific incorrect account.  

Export this report to excel for easy review/analysis. 
Sort the data in excel to figure out how much of each account needs to be corrected and adjust accordingly.

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