Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Administrative Image Benefits

A client asked: Should I use the Administrative Image option when setting up HEAT? Can't I just share the CD on the network and install from there?

You could do that, however, you lose the option of automatically bypassing the SQL Server login when installing HEAT on a workstation. When you use the Administrative Image, you can send the SQL login and password to each workstation during installation. The instructions are below:

* Launch the HEAT Administrator module.
* Select Security > Database Password.
* You will be prompted with a pop-up window
* Browse to locate Setup.exe in the Administrative Image
* Enter the SQL user ID and password for the data source
* Click OK, save the logon information
* Click Yes > Click OK
* Exit the Administrator module.

Browse to the root of the Administrative Image to where the Setup.exe file is located. If the GMLogin.sec file is found there along with the Setup.exe file, continue with the intallation. (If the file does exist, you will need to copy it there). 

Users that do not have HEAT installed can now run the Setup.exe from this Administrative Image. The GMLogin.sec file will then be copied locally to their machine, allowing the default of the database login.

Note: In order for this encrypted User ID and Password to work, the client machine must have the same ODBC connection name configured on their machine. Users that already have the HEAT client installed will need to copy and paste the GMLogin.sec file to their Windows directory. Once copied there, the user can then log in to Call Logging and not be prompted for the SQL login.


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