Tuesday, July 17, 2012

GoldMine : Inserting Menuitems onto your Toolbar

Note: this applies to GMPE 8.0 and above only.

Did you know that you can put any menu-item at all on your top-edge toolbar? For instance, I complete a lot of Calls, so I was always going to Complete | Unscheduled Call | Outgoing Call. If you find your self accessing menu-items very frequently, go ahead and add them to the toolbar!

Toolbar settings are stored on a per-user basis.

1. Click on the right-most edge of your toolbar in GoldMine. You know, the "little skinny" button at the end. That should give you a menu-item to "Add or Remove Buttons".

2. Then, click on "Customize". This should bring up a little "Customize" window.

3. Click on the "Commands" tab.

4. From the list of available menu-items, select the one you would like to add to the toolbar.

5. From the right-hand side of the Customize window, click-drag the item in question to the actual toolbar.

You'll notice that you can insert the new button anywhere along the top edge. If you make a mistake, don't worry; simply go back to your Customize window and click-drag the mistaken item FROM the toolbar. It will disappear.

Try it!


Anonymous said...

Menu Space Items - Typo

More Goldmine tips, please!

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