Tuesday, July 17, 2012

GoldMine : Using the Peg Board

I get a lot of questions from clients' Management on this. The Peg Board; the place you can go to see who's logged in/out and inactivity time. Back in the day we used to kind of discourage it's use as GoldMine was relying on a lot of technical things to happen (perfectly) to show you an accurate picture here.

Nowadays, with SQL server and fast(er) filesystems, it works pretty good. To view your Peg Board (must have MASTER rights to do so):

1. Select Go To | Calendar from the top level menu.

2. From the bottom tab-strip, select the "Peg Board".

3. This will show you who is logged In, Out and also display current Inactivity time.

4. To Add/Remove users from the Peg Board view, right click and select "Users".

Note: I would recommend that anyone wishing to audit User Activity (or lack thereof) begin with the Activity List (Go To | Activities) and select the User in question. Then you may drill down to their Open or Closed Activities in a date range.

PPS : There may be rare occasions when a workstation may lock up and exit GoldMine "dirty", in which case a User flag may get "stuck". Simply have them start and exit GoldMine to clear the login flag.

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