Friday, July 27, 2012

HEAT – When to use @Prompt() vs @ValidatedPrompt()

HEAT Prompts are typically configured using autotasks when the help desk agent may be required to obtain additional information based on the type of ticket being logged.  An example would be a new user request form.   The process of setting up a new user may vary based on the employee. 

The Heat Administrator can configure an autotask "quick task"  to prompt the agent to ask specific questions. 

The input fields may be a simple text field, or the agent can select from a validation table.

@Prompt() is a field for user entry - a user simply adds free text to a text field when prompted.  These prompts are typically configured using Auto Tasks - eg a user may be prompted to enter a phone number.  This information may not be in the HEAT database.

@ValidatedPrompt() - displays a list of validated values for selection.

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