Sunday, July 29, 2012

QuickBooks: Using the Audit Trail as a “Session Journal”

“Before I started working for my current employer, I used another software program which offered a “session journal”. That employer liked to create the day’s sessions and save them in a file as a way to determine what may have changed if an employee altered something.  I don’t see that functionality in QuickBooks.”

If your employer wants to have something like that, you can run an audit trail for the session date. You can choose to run it for “today”, or this week, or whenever. 

The audit trail will give you a report with the same information as your “session journal”.

You can create and modify the report, give it a “Session Journal” title, and memorize it. You can then print or save that audit trail to a PDF.

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Cynthia Huber, CQP said...

During the webinar this morning one of the participants asked what else you would use the audit trail for. You can use the audit trail to review all changes to transactions for a very specific time. The report shows specifics including the user, the date and type of change, as well as the prior history to the specific transaction. In essence this is a running journal of transactional activity.