Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Running Crystal Reports

Did know that besides running Crystal Reports from within HEAT, you can use a built-in utility to run a report based on data inside a call record?

To pass parameters into a Crystal Report using HEAT, you do the following:

* In Call Logging, go to Report > Manage Reports. 
* Add a report with a parameter that asks for an assignee
(for example, "All Assignments by Assignee.") 
* Go to the Report Parameters tab, click on Assignee parameter
* Click on the first checkbox: Preset parameter values 
(Crystal Reports will not prompt). 
* Click Add, then hit insert Assignment.Assignee.

When you view a ticket with any particular assignee shown, the assignee visible will be passed in the parameter of the report, showing all of the assignee's tickets and assignments.


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