Wednesday, August 15, 2012

GoldMine : Changing the search delay in the Search Center

This recently came up at a client site who was having performance issues when searching for Contacts. When using the Search Center, they were experiencing serious lag waiting for GoldMine to "catch up" with their search string.

If we are searching for a contact, let's say Justin Hill, we start by typing in 'Justin'. And you'll notice that as you type the name, GoldMine will try to "keep up" with what you're typing. For instance, it will give you all the "J"'s, then all the "Ju"'s. If you experience a lag when searching, you can try to increase the delay GoldMine waits before querying your search term.

So, instead of looking for "J" and "Ju", it would instead look for "Just" or "Justi" as you type. This would return smaller recordsets from SQL and hopefully result in a better searching experience.

To change this value, go to Tools | Options | Lookup

Then change the "Lookup Alignment Delay While Typing". You'll notice that the value is given in 10th of seconds, so adjust accordingly, perhaps to 10 or 15 (1 and 1.5 seconds respectively).


aliya seen said...

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