Wednesday, August 15, 2012

GoldMine : Handling Employee Turnover

Turnover is crappy; it's never a nice situation and it sometimes can leave a bunch of "orphaned" records in your GoldMine database. It's easy enough to create a new GoldMine username, but what do you do about the Pending and unanswered e-mails from the previous user?

Fortunately, GoldMine makes this rather easy. In our example, let us imagine that Bob is leaving our company and Jim is taking his place.

The first thing we can do is Clone an existing user. This allows us to create a new username for Jim which will be a "carbon copy" of Bob's old username. This would include user preferences, e-mail configuration and user access permissions.

To do this;

1. Select Tools | Users Settings from the top level menu.

2. Find the user you wish to duplicate in your list. Right click on them and select "Clone".

3. GoldMine will now prompt you to enter in a new Username, Full Name and Password (optional). Do so and hit Ok. You now have a new username that has been cloned from the old.

Now, to deal with the Pending Items and unanswered e-mails attached to Bob's GoldMine username. This actually happens when we Delete Bob's old username.

1. Select Tools | Users Settings from the top level menu.

2. Find and select the user you wish to purge from the system. Right click, select "Delete".

3. GoldMine will now prompt you about what to do with Bob's old pending records. You can;
  - Reassign the Users' Activities to a new user (most popular)
  - Automatically Complete all outstanding Pending and E-mail activities (less popular)
  - Leave the activities as is
  - Delete all Activities for the deleted user

Keep in mind that when you delete a GoldMine username, that username no longer appears in any drop downs.


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