Friday, August 31, 2012

HEAT – Restricting Access to Customer Types

The Heat Administrator can  filter Customer Types for a role so that users with that role are allowed access to only a specific set of Customer Types. This means Call Records, Customer Records, and Configuration Records with hidden Customer Types will not be visible to the user with the restricted role. For example, you can create (or modify) a role so that users with that role do not have access to records with the Employee Customer Type; all other Customer Types are visible. Or you may configure a role so that users can only view records with the Employee and Company Customer Types; all other Customer Types are hidden.

Note: For BPAM, HMC, and HEAT API, it is recommended that you create a specific security role with unrestricted access for administration of those HEAT modules. 

The setting is configured in the HEAT Admin module >> Roles >> Select the role >> Edit the options under "visible customer types"

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